Saturday, July 14, 2007

oooohhh New Things!

While a possible redesign is permanently on the backburner (I actually forgot I have a template for it), I decided to screw around to try and make things easier for you, the reader. For each post, I have added what blogspot calls a "label" and what I refer to as a "topic" cause I don't want to be seen as a "blogger douche." I clearly don't think I have this all figured out as only 25 posts marked as "comedy" since I didn't want to make myself seem like I'm Woody Allen. You do have the option to not have to troll around in the archives to find things anymore, though. You want comedy? Click the link, nothing but the funny! You want to see my series (Ask Manton, Manton vs. Woman, Boys and Girls), click series. If you want to simply read about embarrassing things I've done with girls, click, on MvW. I did all of these from 2:15-3:15 AM, so I got sorta silly at times, so excuse me.

Edit: Audience Participation! If you think I'm missing a topic or should throw one in or whatever, leave it in the comments. I doubt anyone will go that far, but hey, would make my life easier.


Anonymous said...

i am under 'ass kissing'??????

you put that wonderful essay about me under the title 'ass kissing.'

this essay that allows you to never buy me another mother's day card or gift for the REST OF YOUR LIFE is put under the title 'ass kissing.'

unbelievable. i want this category changed to 'mother love'


clearly not ryan said...

"Rant ideas stolen from conversations with my good friend Ryan Lambert to which I refuse to admit," is a topic that is certainly not wanting for candidates.