Saturday, July 14, 2007

oooohhh New Things!

While a possible redesign is permanently on the backburner (I actually forgot I have a template for it), I decided to screw around to try and make things easier for you, the reader. For each post, I have added what blogspot calls a "label" and what I refer to as a "topic" cause I don't want to be seen as a "blogger douche." I clearly don't think I have this all figured out as only 25 posts marked as "comedy" since I didn't want to make myself seem like I'm Woody Allen. You do have the option to not have to troll around in the archives to find things anymore, though. You want comedy? Click the link, nothing but the funny! You want to see my series (Ask Manton, Manton vs. Woman, Boys and Girls), click series. If you want to simply read about embarrassing things I've done with girls, click, on MvW. I did all of these from 2:15-3:15 AM, so I got sorta silly at times, so excuse me.

Edit: Audience Participation! If you think I'm missing a topic or should throw one in or whatever, leave it in the comments. I doubt anyone will go that far, but hey, would make my life easier.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Get Back

Sorry for the delay. Directing is far more time consuming and soul wrenching than I could have imagined. No wonder the body of a former director of mine damn near shut down out of protest, like a Mexican warehouse when workers fight for 5 more pesos a week. I've also decided that I might actually do some more sports related quick shots, mostly because a lot of stuff in sports recently has bugged me (US reaction to David Beckham, par example). I figure the more writing I put down--regardless of content--the better it is. …For me. Man, I really sounded like I've got a million adoring fans who are waiting on my every word. I don’t even know if any of them are left around after a whopping four posts in three months. We’ll see. No more preamble. Or pre-ramble, am I right? Sorry. Just scroll down, I might not stop.

If you were the best person in the world at some remote, inane thing, would you brag about it to others? Could you go up to a girl in a bar and say, "yeah, I took first at the Yo-Yo World Championships," or "nobody crochets a better handbag than me. Nobody." Would you even want to aspire to be the World's Best WAHL Beard Trimmer User? I'd think it's a hell of a burden, personally. I wouldn't want everyone coming up to me asking for advice on how to make the perfect hand-shaped Turkey. It's a gift and a curse, and frankly, I'd just like to enjoy my dinner.

Also, because there is no international body to deny the fact, I officially declare myself the greatest person to never like sandals. I hate them, and deserve a prize for it. So there we go. The business cards will be ready next Tuesday.

While watching a Costa Rica/Mexico soccer match on Univision (yeah, it's official - I'm part of the US soccer loving cult), there was a commercial for the US Marines. In Spanish. Well, if you can make it over our giant, electronic, killer-bee infested, camouflaged super fence, I guess you can go invade other countries. We're not entirely sure that we want you as citizens, but we'd be mighty pleased if you'd die for our cause, thanks.

When acting like Rome, fall as the Romans did.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day. If you are an incredibly avid and dedicated reader, you would know of my post of middling entertainment value on how I hate those things so. Well, I found one that takes the cake, and no, it isn't "I'M PROUD OF MY CHILD EVEN IF THEY DON'T MAKE THE HONOR ROLL!" We're all excited for you, your clear distinction that your child isn't intelligent, and that you are simply doing your job as a parent: being proud of your kid. Anyway, I saw a bumper sticker that went like this:

United We
Stand Against

I have to agree with this statement. We do need to stand up to aggression. Cause, fuck aggression. Always coming up here and doing shit to us. And do we fight back? No. Aggression just mops the floor with us. Well, we’re not going to stand for that any longer. Starting today, I say we go to war with Aggression. That cocky fuck has had it coming for a long time.

On the way to New York, I saw another sticker relative to the one above. Yes, God May Show You Mercy....

America: We're Better Than God

Why is it that in every sports game the goalie is indestructible? For whatever reason, the people who are obviously the biggest pussies and the easiest targets have superhuman powers. In any of the EA Sports NHL games dating back to 93, you touch a goalie and you're sent backwards like he's a master of the Force. Try and go after a goalie in a soccer game and 98% of the time your player reacts like they were quickly shanked like they're playing in Rikers.

Girls utilize the word "love" far, far too much. They use it all the time. When they have a boyfriend, they constantly tell everyone (we all suffer, not just the poor schmuck boyfriend) how much they love them, putting it all over their aways or stupid facebook statuses. They love shoes, they love puppies, they love skirts, they love gum, they don't love badgers (poor li'l guys), but man do they love shitty musicians. Why can't they simply "like" things? They always go straight to LIKE like. No wonder some girls are never satisfied in a relationship; you can't love boys like they love a new Coach bag. We have far less room to pack things in.

The thing with Satan is that he's always been named Lucifer. Always, of course, includes his time as a God-abiding angel. Isn't it weird to think that at one point Lucifer was as nice a name as Michael or David? Now whenever we hear Lucifer we think of lakes of fire, Dante's Inferno, Gerald Ford and the like. What if Lucifer was instead named Lollipop? We'd have the same exact reaction as we do now to Lucifer and we'd never know how silly we were being. "The Prince of Darkness is actually named after those lovable sweets on a stick. You know, Lucifers! (Say from Charms!)"

Finally, there was a piece of news from a while back that I would like to touch on, which I call the "George Bluth Rule," NO TOUCHING!!!. Yes, it has come to this: Kilmer Middle School in Vienna, VA has decided to ban touching. Of any sorts. Ever. From the Principal, "You get into shades of gray," Hernandez said. "The kids say, 'If he can high-five, then I can do this.' " It's the best known use of the Broken Window theory I've ever seen. If one can high five, or throw a pound, and it goes unmonitored, what is stopping that boy to next time rape and slaughter his fellow 13-year-olds?

Why do people in positions of authority have such a problem using it in a proper and constructive way? More from the article, and more from the Principal, "She has seen a poke escalate into a fight and a handshake that is a gang sign. Some students -- and these are friends -- play "bloody knuckles," which involves slamming their knuckles together as hard as they can. Counselors have heard from girls who are uncomfortable hugging boys but embarrassed to tell anyone. And in a culturally diverse school, officials say, families might have different views of what is appropriate."

Hmmm, as if pokes don't escalate into fights anywhere but as a teenager, that stopping gang signs might just stop gang violence (which side is he on? hell, which side am I on? who knows anymore with this wacky no-gang-handshake situation!), or that people haven't played Bloody Knuckles. Dear god, they're being stupid teenagers. But instead of trying to weed out the kids who are just acting out because their hormones are temporarily going berserk and finding the problem kids who could end up shooting up the school, they just blanket something as natural and humanistic as contact in any sort. Their football team must be awful. This surely won't drive kids to do more physical contact, seeing that such action is restricted and kids always follow the rules, especially when strictly enforced. Keep trying to cover the problem instead of solving it. It’s working wonders.

That was kind of dark. Let's not end on that.

If you were a hot dog, and if you were starving, how could you eat yourself? Your intestines line the outside of you. You won't be able to digest yourself. Christ is that a stupid question.