Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why not?

The most curious disease of any writer is the dreaded Writer's Block. I have heard stories that it's just in your head, that it isn't true, or that you don't have any confidence in your work. On the flipside of this coin, I remember not being able to write. When NYU wanted 50 pages of a sample screenplay, I wrote 50 in two weeks and eventually a full-length 90 pages in about three weeks after that. Five weeks, ninety pages, no problem. Then I couldn't write another thing for months.

This blog was supposed to be the cure for that. Here I could say whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, in whatever form I wanted. But, suddenly, I have been snake bit. There is no topic I feel the urge--no, the need--to discuss. Nothing has really driven me to the computer, my hands already spasming to communicate so they can hit the keyboard running in mid thought. Instead, I've been simply content. Passion fuels my writing. From being miserable or angry or happy, there is always some feeling that needs to burst out. For whatever reason, this is the only suitable medium for my catharsis.

Earlier on in this trumped up journal I had a similar spell. "I guess I'm just really happy," I mused, while the actual lass was out-and-about with nary a phone number to reach her at in case of emergencies. Is this my trade off? I have nothing of real merit to complain about or really ponder in an entertaining way, but I'm incredibly happy, intrigued, and just in a great place personally. Sure, I could have more, but I most certainly could have less.

My roommate Zack is plugging away at a column submission for the Daily Free Press here at school. I honestly forgot they were even giving away slots this semester (like they do every semester). In the battle of mind and laptop, he tells me, "It's like I forgot how to write a column." I merely forgot what to write.

I'll finish this up with an air of uneasiness. There is no way I have outgrown the blog, but something has changed, and I don't know what that certain thing is. In due time the breaker will be turned back on, the plug we just thought never worked since it shorted while we used the blender AND the toaster will once again try and power both appliances, and I'll be telling more dumb stories. Until then, the focus remains on my radio show. We now pod cast. Awesome.

Oh, and if no one's seen's what I did last semester in Production 1:

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