Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I absolutely adore my readers. This blog started out as nothing more than a vehicle for me to keep writing, to hone my skills, and to generally get my own feelings and emotions out (writing has always been a catharsis). Of course, I'm also sort of self-centered--blame the only child syndrome--so I'd nudge different people to check it out. Over time it has snowballed to have a great deal of readers, more than I could ever imagine. Hell, people I don't know check this out. I've been told that I help them to voice different feelings that they had, and that in some small way it might help them deal with their problems.

Such an issue was discussed in the previous post, entitled, "In Rumination." While in the shower, I thought about how great things have been in Boston, and naturally looked back to New Jersey, and one of the more emotionally taxing moments of my life, the break up with my then girlfriend. It has been a theme I have discussed for the past 6 or so months since it has happened, mostly because I write what's on my mind. Obviously, it's been hovering around up there. These posts were not meant to win her back, to slight her in any way, or to bring attention to myself for a pity party. I know a lot of friends who have gone through similar situations, including one who was going through a messy break up around the same time as I was, and felt that it would be read and if not appreciated, then understood. If you want to write something for people to read, having it be relatable is a very easy way to get that accomplished. Those posts can be found in chronological order, from break up to reaction to pathetic depression and finally to a reflection on the events.

I do have a certain responsibility with this blog, since I do write about myself, and there are a lot of other people in my life that get written up here. I understand that there is a certain amount of professionalism in this sophomoric production I run, and try to uphold it as best as I can. Over the last year plus, I believe I have done a good job with it. Once, I had to write a disclaimer, which I refuse to write again (hence my pretty little link). I'm a selfish bloke - this blog is about me, my thoughts, and is first and foremost about me. If you no one ever read it again, it would continue, much like it would right now. Although I'm sure I'd throw in more ethnic jokes.

What brings this on, you ask yourself? Well, I came home from my 6:30-9 hell of a discussion (we talk about a single French film for two and a half yours) to see that I got a comment on the blog. What I see is this: wow.. thats touching NOT.. i feel there is no need to post your and your partners sex life on this blog. it's rude and you should consider the other person feelings, and NO this is not her. I encourage people to leave me comments (to the point where it's pleading and thoroughly embarrassing for everyone involved), but every now and then there is a special comment that raises my ire. I have absolutely no problem with someone not liking my stuff, but this crosses a few lines. Let's break this down, shall we?

wow.. thats touching NOT
Your grammar skills are in serious need of help. "Wow...that's touching...NOT," while being incredibly juvenile and ridiculous in any manner of conversation is at least now in some semblance of proper English. Right off the bat, we know it’s a high school girl. Also, are you ripping off Borat? For the record, a good number of people said it was touching, so you're totally rite...NOT

i feel there is no need to post your and your partners sex life on this blog.
Do I even need to hit on the grammar again? I hope your and your teacher's plans involve comprehension of the English language. I try, so should you, dammit. This part surprised me more than anything, since I thought the comment was about one of the various other stories that go into almost horrifying detail of my sexual life (you can find them pretty easily on here - my newly ordained "friends" here at BU did and read the story aloud to anyone walking by our Student Union). This was shallow, intentionally. I went into no sexual details. If you think the throwaway humor at the end to break up how serious the post was from my normal writings was going too far, well, you should have seen what I had before I toned it down. I do think it's cute that he or she (she) tried to make themselves look more intelligent by wording it like he or she (she) did.

it's rude and you should consider the other person feelings, and NO this is not her.
An apostrophe! Goodness. What does the other person feelings have to do with this? She once loved me? What, is she offended by this? I'm ever so sorry other person for simply relaying facts on my blog. You have my sincerest apologies. What is being rude about the situation? Hell, I thought I was being poignant, not puckish. I enjoy the emphasis on the no, which really just makes it look like it is the other person writings.

I could really care less who wrote this stanza that makes 50 Cent look like Billy Shakespeare. The issue here is a very simple one: if you don't like it, don't read it, stupid. It's very easy to do. Here are a few tips: when on a computer, don't go to It won't sneak up on you in the night, or be sprawled across the Garden State Parkway as you pass in your car, nor is it on your Summer Reading list. Don't come back. I don't want you here. You probably need a dictionary to understand that I just called you ignorant for 300 or so words. Take your little crusade to someone who really would be hurt.

And thank you very much for giving me something to write about! I enjoy it when a gift is handed to me and little effort is needed. You lucky people will be getting another post that would be in BU's The Source weekly newspaper, if it exists still....


Anonymous said...

i love youuu

Anonymous said...

i love youuu

Anonymous said...

Yes, Manton spits venom.

Katy said...

this blog just reminded me of maddox the best page in the universe.. i love it. i love you.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i may have bad grammer, but at least i'm not talking about my seventeen, underage ex-girlfriend still.. Isn't that illegal?

Manton said...

Bad spelling, too :)

No, no it's not. In the state of New Jersey, it is illegal to have improper sexual relations with someone who is under the age of 16, which is the age of consent. This goes by a state-by-state basis (mass. is 15, NY is 17, etc.). More so, the person cannot be more than 3 years older than the new non-minor in question. Therefore, no, it is not illegal.

But once again, nice try. You're batting a thousand. Also, it's nice to be anonymous twice. Brings out the cowardice in you.

Anonymous said...

rock on manton. if you don't like manton's posts, don't read them. simple as that.