Monday, September 11, 2006

Fuckem Up Fuckem Up BC Sucks

First and foremost, I want it known that I do not speak for any fan group, formal or informal, specifically the apparently resurrected Dog Pound. I have a sports pass upgrade for this year as well as the previous two. I live and die by BU hockey, and will always remember Bourque’s goal in the Beanpot and the freshmen line sliding a goal between Schneider’s legs to win Hockey East last year. However, the recent events that have occurred between the fans and the administration have left me to rethink my position on supporting this sport.

Last year’s poor display from the fans during the final minutes of the NCAA regional final was disgusting for a variety of reasons. It smacked of unoriginality, was incredibly classless, and was done not just in poor taste, but also in front of Boston College fans. We gave them more ammunition, people. The “F You Boyle” chants and the like were repulsive, and should be stopped immediately, as well as the rarely appropriate “BS” and “A-Hole” chants (some of you really need to learn that players do fall down on their own). That is where I stop agreeing with our administration.

I find some of the quotes from the administration to be laughable. Mr. Lynch, our Athletic Director, really has some gems, including, “I think they can come up with something more clever than, ‘f you’.” Have you not heard of “Wheels On Your House,” “If You Can’t Get Into College,” or my personal favorite, chanting “Belarus” to Schneider? Maybe they are not completely politically correct, but you can’t say they aren’t witty.

Another point that I cannot wrap my head around is that Coach Parker and Mr. Lynch believe that 118 is holding back a unified crowd, as if all we do is swear and disparage players. Coach Parker said, “It’s defeating the purpose of having an intimidating arena. Three-quarters of the place goes mute because they don’t want to participate.” Since when was “Go BU,” a frequent chant, vulgar?

Mr. Lynch defended this new ban against seemingly any offensive chant or exclamation to anyone—in any way—by saying, “It’s meant to encourage all 6,300 people in the building to come together and cheer for our team. If we had a good, solid cheer that the students come up with that involved everybody in the building, that would rock.” I didn’t know that the other frequent chant of “Let’s Go Terriers,” was inherently racist or demeaning to a player on the other team.

There has been an extreme lack of respect from the administration towards the student body ever since we have moved to Agganis Arena. This recent doctrine is focused almost solely at students, with Dean Elmore and Mr. Lynch sitting around the student section, reinforced with more ushers and security. I would surely hope that if a Premium Seat Holder at Agganis Arena © was calling the ref a naughty word, they would be held to the same standard. I fear that this will not happen.

The announcement of the pre-sale of sports pass upgrades to students had to be passed by word of mouth, since an e-mail was sent two days after the pre-sale started. You don’t have to search for reasons to see how the administration values the support from the students. Is it really a good idea to anger the most fervent fans, already smarting from the new “Hockey Mania Brunch and Naptime” season kick off?

The administration, especially Mr. Lynch, is doing a great job alienating the BU hockey fans. He tries to divide and conquer, saying that he views this as a “small group of problematic students.” Mr. Lynch follows that up with, “I really think the Supreme Court has more interesting topics to cover than whether or not BU throws a kid out of a game for using profanity.” Very professional, Mr. Lynch.

Furthermore, I find it offensive how you belittle our intelligence. This is not about unifying anyone, or the image of the school. It comes down to money. Newer arena means more seats that can be filled by families. Coach Parker said it himself, “it’s becoming a bad place for people to bring their kids.” I was under the impression that BU hockey was for BU students. Pardon me for such an assumption while attending a hockey game on my own campus. If television contracts are being threatened, why does CSTV continually mic us? Why did ESPNU point their microphone more towards the student section during the first period in our first-round NCAA game against UNO? Just tell us the truth.

Mr. Lynch drives home the view of the administration when he says, “If I’m alienating somebody who’s going to stand up and continually chant the ‘f word’ during a hockey game or a basketball game, I would just as soon not have that person in the stands.” Will you throw us all out, Mr. Lynch? Will you have five sections in the Garden tossed out for singing “The Song?” Would you rather have an arena filled with—save some exceptions to the rule—adults who sit on their hands? Do you really want us to be UNH fans?

The greatest irony comes from President Brown, who believes that our cursing is “…rebelling against the administration.” Sir, I do not believe you have seen rebelling yet. I for one will completely comply with what the administration wants so dearly. I will sit in a studious manner and intently watch the Boston Terriers open up against the University of New Brunswick, Saturday October 7th and not say a word for the entire game. If anyone else feels the same way I do, there are tons of seats to voice your opinion, by not saying a word.

Go BU.


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