Friday, August 04, 2006

The Best of Manton

I am applying to have a column at BU's independent paper, The Daily Free Press, and will be using samples from this...thing to try and woo them into giving me 800 words a week. It should be interesting. Either way, I was far too lazy to sort through the now 74 posts (this is milestone 75, which makes a "best of" pretty ok). Luckily, I have a good friend with a job that has loads of free time in front of a computer. Pam, a writer at my legitimate "sister" site Chickball was kind enough to do the work for me. If you missed anything, or hopped on to see what the commotion was all about with that AIM convo thing (which didn't make the cut) and stuck around confused, here you go. I present to you, the Best of Manton (according to Pam).

Problems. Technically Speaking. This is my battle with my parents over that blasted technology box that goes on the internet. Speaking of which, if anyone wants a brand new iMac for 1000 dollars ($300 below market price!) contact me, cause we certainly don't need it anymore....

Let's Get Random features the Friend Free Agency, which really did deserve its own post, not to be tacked on at the end of a random post.

You're Never Leaving Silver Street is about the experience of packing up your life and going back home after school's over. Title comes from the song Silver Street by Ben Folds, which comes off of the incredible Ben Folds Live and a studio album I don't have, according to my iTunes. Probably the best fully realized post I've done.

That Guy Part 2 I'm going to ride this idea forever.

The best years of your life laments the not always fun parts of being in college, contrary to the reports of the 24 hour partying that I expected.

Atonement. We all make mistakes. Here is my attempt to try and clear my conscience (it failed).

Mailroom Day Is A Dangerous Day chronicles the mail I get from my two Grandmas. It's pretty horrifying. One is cheap and faux-senile and one makes lewd jokes without knowing it. The picture is pretty priceless, too. Title is an homage to Rocko's Modern Life.

Have You? Taken off a P.O.S. song called Music For Shoplifting. Probably the one I dislike the most, but Pam and my Mom both like it. Maybe you will, too.

3 Random Rants I can't believe I put a number in the title, let alone to start one off. Ew. Anyway, the first one is about Away Messages, because they are just fascinating.

Oh, Growing Up Title is from the Boss's song Growing Up. My warnings to all of the new college freshman about what's ahead for them when they go home for Thanksgiving break. This was interesting because the feedback was completely different for age groups and for when they commented (before: no way! after: god dammit you were right....).

People I hate Before going into the more kosher "that guy" there was just pure, unadulterated hatred.

And now my special faves....

we all believe it is one of my personal favorites, which is why I'm throwing it on here on the bottom. It is the only time I felt I got introspective and didn't come off like a douche. It doesn't hurt that the title features one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs (Faithful). Something we all need a bit of, and I need a lot of at the moment.

Mother's Day So I don't have to get her a birthday gift.

Fuck Boston I was soooo pissed.

Manton Vs. Woman Part 1 So started what I still feel is my greatest accomplishment on this site. I chronicled almost every interaction I had with women before breaking up with my girlfriend (there are three posts sporadically about that). I bore my soul and some other parts. I advise you now - I get very personal and intimate, ESPECIALLY in the Showstopper. The closest I'll ever get to writing the Godfather I & II.

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