Thursday, April 27, 2006

Retro - Graduation Speech

Sometimes, I'm just a boob. One night, I believe while I was a sophomore in high school, I wrote a speech for graduation. Never mind the fact that I was two years early, there was no way I would be anywhere near the top 10 in the class and vie for a speech at graduation. (For those interested, I actually finished 41st out of 82 kids...and ended up Boston University. God bless the SATs and their verbal section). Either way, here's what I might have said...and I think I'm happy I never did....

Have I said how painful doing this is sometimes? It's not like I'm letting you people in on something deep and personal; I'm not reliving any painful memories. Instead, I'm seeing what I refered to as "good writing" and realize it is not very choice. This will logically lead to me reading posts on this thing in four years and cringing. It's nice to know that I can see it coming. Ugh.

Graduation – 2004

Today, we leave our secure, known surroundings and venture into a new locale, that being college. All of our lives, we have been set up for something else. Pre K was set up for Kindergarten, Kindergarten was set up for Elementary school, Elementary School was set up for Junior High School, and Junior High School was set up for High School, and High School was set up for College. So, we are in part 4 of the 5 step cycle to success. As of now we are completely ready to go into college courses. That’s the accumulation of the past 3 steps. But, as we are ready for schooling, we are not yet ready for life.

College is to set you up for the big world. It is to ready you for a job. Realistically, that is all that is guaranteed. We have learned to live these past 18 years here in Park Ridge. We have learned from our parents. Things like what not to say to Police (GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF MY FACE CAUSE I WASN’T SPEEDING!), we have learned where not to play (BUT THE STREET IS SO TEMPTING!). And it is at this point that we have to learn the rest for ourselves. Out there, away from the sheltered existence here in Park Ridge.

There is a saying that only 2 things are guaranteed in life : to pay taxes and to die. And, unfortunately, that is very true. Now, when most people hear that comment, they think of all things negative. Well, it is a very positive saying. How I see it is that your life can be anything. Your life can take so many paths, and nothing can stop you. Robert Frost wrote a poem about two paths, one beaten, and one never treaded on, it reads “.” And, for the record, I disagree with what he says.

He explains that in life, there are two paths to take. There is the conventional route and then he says there is the unconventional route. I believe that there are more than 2 routes in life. If there was, why do we have so many different people with so many different jobs in our world today? There aren’t just 2 paths. There are an infinite amount of them. Some are obvious to you, and some may be hidden. But, our goal in life is to take one path, and take it as far is it can go, or as far as we want to take it, before taking another of a multitude of different paths. So before you go to college, bring a pair of hiking boots, because it’s going to be a long walk.

I can't believe I actually said that last sentence and thought I was witty. Holy shit, you people better appreciate things like That Guy, cause look what other dreck you'd be forced to read.

Well, you could just not read at all.




Anonymous said...

hahaha dear lord. As kin, I am damn glad I didn't have to sit thru that in real life... not like I sat thru you're real grad. but i'm sure if you were speaking, we'd all be forced to go. I did however like the last paragraph... even the campy last sentence. The rest... dear lord i'm glad your writing got better with time. Hugglez :)

debz said...

yeah mike, um... i might have gotten up and walked out on that :)