Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Retro: Fulfillment

This piece I believe I wrote sometime in High School, maybe sophomore year. It's weird because it's poorly written and kind of boring. However, this is one of the better pieces that I have, so I figure I should be proud of this? Wait for the other retro stuff - it's incredibly embarassing. Ugh. Sometimes I really loathe this thing...


A time that I had to wait was in sixth grade graduation. There is an award called the Presidential Award. This is an award from the office of the president to any student that got a B or above on every report card from fourth to sixth grades. Now I unfortunately didn’t get in a book report the last marking period of sixth grade. So I got a D, All perfect marks with one big blemish to ruin it all. My hopes sank for that award so dear to me. Most importantly, I had this brought to my attention from my mother a few times, also. While picking me up from school one day, my mom (who’s very sociable) started to chat with one of my teachers. He/she said that supposedly the last quarter didn’t count in the selection process. Now my, and my mom’s, hopes were raised as I had a chance for that award.

The next day, graduation happened. After an hour of singing, speeches, and the resemblance of some form of music coming from the band, Mrs. Mozak stood and went to the podium for a speech. Then she said the word “President”. A drop of sweat trickled down my ear. My mom, who wanted the award for bragging rights (I guess), got tense. As Mrs. Mozak was reading the letter that came along with it, I heard her end it with “Singed William Clinton, February 1998.” Well, then I really thought I had a chance. The last quarter couldn’t have counted since it came after the official signing. Then she said “Michael Anton”. I froze and didn’t know what to do. Alison Gletow, who was sitting next to me, hit me in the arm and told me to stand. I did so with extremely wobbly legs. I could barely stand. As the applause started, I had to use the back part of the bleachers to keep myself upright. I then looked directly at my mom who mouths to me “You’re one lucky little boy.” Those are probably the best words she has ever said to me. Then, we were all seated. The rest of the proceedings went on like normal, but that award meant so much to my family, myself, and my pride to get something that I worked so hard for over the last 3 years.

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