Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I just don't know

It might be me, but I think Russell and I are having the greatest conversation in the history of the english language.

Once again, this could only be hilarious to me - it wouldn't be the first time, but I feel like I have to share. For the record, we're talking about the Park Ridge High School tennis team and their season.

KingManton: me too
Bschmuck7: the season wil bhe hovhhyert tgattBschmuck7: \k,jnb
KingManton: ....
“Bschmuck7” signed off at 5:04:46 PM.
Bschmuck7: therse season will be over
KingManton: their?
KingManton: christ man
KingManton: what the hell happened
Bschmuck7: their
Bschmuck7: bdau“Bschmuck7” signed off at 5:06:22 PM.
“Bschmuck7” signed on at 5:08:28 PM.
Bschmuck7: ok
Bschmuck7: their season is over
Bschmuck7: unless they are in states.. they might have one game left of the regular season
KingManton: fuckin' what's going on with your keyboard
Bschmuck7: static friction??? or immature freshman suitemate
Bschmuck7: tkae ur pick
KingManton: thank you russell. thank you very much
Bschmuck7: honestly, the keyboard has a mind of its own
Bschmuck7: its uncontrollable!!!!!!@#!@#$!@#$!$
Bschmuck7: permanent CAPSLOCK.. shit like that

If you put all of the greatest writers in the world in one room, they could NEVER create Russell. Next post is all about my pal Brett.

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