Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Fallout

It's late, I'm listening to Miles Davis, and I haven't had an update in far too long. There is much to catch up on, so I'd like to fill you faithful readers in on what happens when you break up with your girlfriend of two years and you start talking to other people.

First off, I got a lot of readership on the "break up" blog, and with the cryptic away messages of "it's over, 2 years +, etc." it garnered a bit of attention. The reactions ran the gamut and came from every single direction. Mostly, people were shocked it happened, pegging Haley and I to be getting married. When, I'm not sure, as I don't think we're legal to get married unless I move down to Alabama and own a pig for more than three months. It's nice to know that people held your relationship in high esteem...I guess.

One of my friends heard the news and got really angry. He was a big supporter of Haley and I being together, but for some reason (probably because of ugly break ups in the past) something came out of him. Sure, he is also usually turned up to eleven so this shouldn't come as some surprise, but he got ME so fired up that my Dad had to get off of the floor in front of the TV (unheard of) to walk into my room and say to me, "I heard you on the phone, please, don't be angry." I said "no, it's just my friend, he gets that out of me." His lease on time away from the allure of television was too great, as he just walked away with his hands in the air.

One of the people who worked in my dentist's office, who I've known for about ten years now, was relieved to hear the news. "Good," she said, " because you two are in two different places in every way possible. It's good for you both to just end it now and move on. I got married when I was sixteen!" I had a few reactions. First, I felt it was funny that she condemned our relationship without knowing my girlfriend. Secondly, sixteen? Dear christ! And finally I will always hold her in high esteem because she gives me floss, a toothbrush AND tooth paste when I'm out of the chair. She also gives me an etch-a-sketch while she puts in my flouride; an act that should never go unrecognized.

Another friend was incredibly depressed. She, like many others, thought I was joking around and refused to believe it. She went though the different levels of dealing with this like I did, the whole rejection->anger->acceptance set of steps. As of right now, a week and a half after Haley and I split up (for who knows what amount of time), my friend is still pissed at me and believes that love is now a farce. I'm not that comfortable with being in charge of the validity of love, especially when my lover is 225 miles away and two-and-a-half years younger than I. I feel like the president, although people still like me, even though they question all of my actions.

I figured I would share this because a lot of you that read this for whatever reason (after telling my dad that I had quite the number of readers last time he asked 'why do they care?' and I still haven't given an answer - leave one in the comments if you want) and would like to know that you are important. Hell, one of you I asked out THAT night based totally on emotion (sorry again to all parties involved). It's nice to know that no matter how old you get, you can always be the talk of the ole' High School.

Then again, it helps to be seeing a girl who attends said high school.

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the ardist said...

Why do i read?

1.) because it's damn interesting.
2.) because you aren't emo.
3.) because it makes me somewhat nostalgic.
4.) because you are, after all, Manton. A hero, villain, fool, and sage all at once. (that didn't make sense.)
5.) banana sandwiches.