Monday, September 26, 2005

With friends like this, who needs sanity?

I forgot the name of our chorus teacher in high school, so I ask my friend Brett who knows everything about the place (even won most school spirited senior year). This is the transcript of that conversation:

KingManton: yo who was our chorus teacher
KingManton: Barbara......
KingManton: what was her last name
KingManton: it's killing me
Bschmuck7: mechagodzilla?
KingManton: fucking no
Bschmuck7: mechastreizilla
KingManton: the one who had a tv fall on her
KingManton: just recently
Bschmuck7: is this someone i know personally or ive heard of b4?
Bschmuck7: i never took chorus
Bschmuck7: hahahahahahahahhahahahhahaha
KingManton: you're fucking worthless russell you really
KingManton: really
KingManton: are
Bschmuck7: dude, i know nothing about chorus in prhs
KingManton: who is the music teacher
Bschmuck7: popolizio
KingManton: you didn't take music
KingManton: you still know
Bschmuck7: dude
Bschmuck7: sorry
Bschmuck7: honestly.. just tell me
KingManton: Farugia
KingManton: I didn't know I was asking you
Bschmuck7: alright, so i remember that name
KingManton: holy shit russell
KingManton: I'm going to stab you
Bschmuck7: but i never had her
Bschmuck7: nor did i ever speak with her b4
Bschmuck7: therefor i have no idea
Bschmuck7: sorry buddy, so shes ur teacher?

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C_Mazzei said...

michael patrick anton (is that it?_i was reading ur earlier posts that i had never read today and ran into this:

"It's also sort of conceited of me to even think that some people read the above and thought of that question, that anyone is reading at all. From what I've seen of blogs, it seems that no one reads them. Hell, I don't, just out of prinicple of the fact that people want them to be read. I don't care about you Ashley and that guy in class that doesn't like you. I don't care about you Suzy and how you're different and special and that's why you don't care about that and wear what you want when really you want everyone to notice you and read your words. This blog will have none of that.

Although there is a cute boy in my classes...i think we cud b best friendzzzzzz !!!!!1"