Friday, September 16, 2005


This is as horribly stereotypical as this thing is going to get.

I have a girlfriend as most of you 3 bored people I know are aware of, and her name is Haley. I did not believe that people could be in love when they were teenagers, that there was no way we could really grasp the concept or idea, and that it was just an odd extention off of lust or infatuation.

Well I was pretty wrong.

I just don't lust for her, I don't just want her, I don't just have physical attractions. Sure, the alone times are...fantastic, but christ it's so much more than that. It sucks that in order to describe it I have to go into movie cliches but she really is the other part of me. She does complete me.

Did I have you at hello? Or in this case "this is?"

We had a great summer together, and now we are apart for the better part of 8 months. We talk every day on the phone for a nice chunk of our productive time, which is good, but it's not enough. I can't hold her and tell her something and hear her laugh, see her face react. I can't catch a wiff of her as she walks by me and I can't sit and look her in the eyes (if I ever don't look at her breasts) and have a conversation without saying a word.

It's times like these where I get out Coldplay and be a little girl. I'm going to go to bed, half the man I used to be (which is now, what, 4/183rds?), and hopefully I won't cry....

No fuck you I'm not really going to cry but it was a nice way to end it.

Fo serious.


....ok there was this one time that I said something and she thought it was something different and it was before my Humanities final and I thought about what would happen if I lost her while looking at the sistine chapel and listened to Coldplay (there it is again)'s Shiver for the first time ever and I started to shake and teared up.


...........and when I left for BU freshman year, I cried then, too.

Ok only those times, really.

...........................and at the end of Seabiscuit, god knows why.


Scott said...

awwww, how sweet. am I the only one who has read this blog? don't worry mike, i cry too....

no I don't, you fucking pussy, i have lost all respect for you. just kiddin

Hawks Blog said...

i want to push you into a mud puddle, you sentimental jackass