Monday, September 12, 2005

I've become what I've hated

I wonder how it feels to finally give in? Is this what it was like when Saddam was sitting in that li'l hole in the ground when those marines came busting in?

After years of saying how stupid and trivial blogs are, and how I'd never have one, I finally caved. At least I did it with a nobel idea in mind. This is not for anyone to really read, but for me to keep writing. I've heard that baseball players play baseball, engineers enginner, writers write, and star trek fans get no ass (sorry), so therefore I'm writing this blog to keep my skills as honed as possible. Also, I will refuse to write about star trek, cause, well, I like getting ass.

Once might ask yourself: if you want no one to read it, then why are you linking it in your profile? Good question, and while I don't want anyone to read it, it doesn't neccessarily mean that I'm not an attention whore who would like compliments because they are so insecure that they need them to thrive. Or something.

It's also sort of conceited of me to even think that some people read the above and thought of that question, that anyone is reading at all. From what I've seen of blogs, it seems that no one reads them. Hell, I don't, just out of prinicple of the fact that people want them to be read. I don't care about you Ashley and that guy in class that doesn't like you. I don't care about you Suzy and how you're different and special and that's why you don't care about that and wear what you want when really you want everyone to notice you and read your words. This blog will have none of that.

Although there is a cute boy in my classes...i think we cud b best friendzzzzzz !!!!!1

This will be a place for me to rant and rave to no one at all, about nothing in particular, and to offend only those who I hope don't read this. If you ARE reading this and I'm talking about someone that shares your name, characteristics, and general attitude...I'm a writer and I'm making it up. Call me later !

I'm sick of this whole idea already. God dammit. I'm such a fucking sell out....


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